In approaching our smallest project to date, this one was all about maximizing efficiency for the baristas, while creating something eye catching and unique to draw attention from the crowds. The basic Analog look of crisp white, warm woods, and black detailing were the basis of our palette. To create a graphic statement, we designed a custom concrete tile installation in a vibrant range of colours. Bold signage was key in attracting attention from a distance, so special attention was paid to branding locations. As the piece de resistance, we had a custom gold plated slayer made to showcase on the bar. 

Analog Bow Valley Sarah Ward Interiors Calgary.jpg


For this new location of Analog, located in Southcentre Mall, we wanted to create an eye catching and inviting cafe space that still aligned with the Analog brand. Contrast was key for this location, as we wanted the space to stand out amidst all the other adjacent tenants and the light coloured mall finishes. To achieve this the space was framed with a bold black signage bulkhead, and oak millwork columns. To add subtle texture to the expansive surfaces, we utilized a herringbone tile pattern, marbleized countertops, and a hand drawn, geometric wall graphic. The condiment stations were finished in bold turquoise to add a single unexpected touch of colour, while also assisting customers with way finding. 

Analog Sarah Ward Interiors Calgary.jpg

Bow Valley Completed June 2016 & Southcentre Completed November 2015, Calgary, Alberta

Clients: Russ & Chris Prefontaine