For the Mahogany location of Analog Coffee, the design team aimed to create a space that brought the effortlessly hip vibe of Analog’s 17th Ave flagship location to the progressive community of Westman Village. Analog’s interior aesthetic is rooted in a utilitarian materiality and this location is no exception. The engaging and familiar space is built on the basic elements of bright white gallery walls and warm wood tones. Natural steel features prominently on the back bar and vestibule, providing a gritty patina to the space. A boldly patterned cream and navy mosiac floor defines the seating area to bring a punch of colour and visual interest.

Sarah Ward Interiors_Analog Coffee_01.jpg

 Most important are the specialty details of the space, which define and characterize each unique Analog Cafe as it’s own. A vintage inspired shelving system was designed for both the back bar and retail spaces, with supports formed of black steel rebar. An eclectic mix of seating sees steel framed chairs combined with soft loungers and a coffee coloured, channel tufted leather sofa. Most prominent in the space is the impressive coffee bar, with an olive wood front punctuated with a progression of black, hand-milled wood ribs. It acts as the perfect stage for the bold red Slayer Espresso machine and the other high tech coffee gear.

Sarah Ward Interiors_Analog Coffee_02.jpg
Sarah Ward Interiors_Analog Coffee_03.jpg

Completed February 2019, Calgary, Alberta

Clients: Russ and Chris Prefontaine