Crave is owned and operated by two sisters who grew up in rural, southern Alberta, where they were taught the values of hard work, commitment to quality and community. On the occasion of Crave's 10 year anniversary, it was time for a refresh for their homestyle bakery brand. In the design of this fresh, new space the design team took inspiration from the family, history and traditions that the business is based on. A boldly patterned floor emulates the vintage patchwork of a quilt passed down from Grandma. Natural, hand hewn finishes that would have been used in farmhouse kitchens are used throughout, with modern interpretations of traditional detailing, such a turned wood legs, scalloped wood siding, and traditional paneling. 

Crave Sarah Ward Interiors Calgary.jpg

Completed June 2015, Calgary, Alberta

Clients: Carolyne McIntyre Jackson & Jodi Willoughby