Dinner x Design brings together internationally celebrated designers and local talent to create three-dimensional dining installations that awe, inspire and delight. These extraordinary dining environments - from lavish and romantic to the outrageous and whimsical - set the stage for two days of fun and fascination.

In short, we wanted to do something unabashedly fun. We love that the 80's and the Memphis Design Movement are inspiring current trends in design, however, anticipating that no client will ever let us paint their room pepto pink with black and white stripes, we decided to do it here, for ourselves. Other sources of inspiration include: Pee Wee Herman, Art Deco, Synth, Designing Women, Acid Wash, Miami, Crushed Velvet, Wayne White, Puff Paint, Holograms, Spandex, Neon, Fruit Loops, Beetlejuice, MTV, Popples, Shoulder Pads, John Hughes, Velcro, New Wave, PoMo, Hairspray, Tears for Fears, Fanny Packs, Puffy Sleeves, Esprit, Crimping Irons, Andy Warhol, Scratch 'n Sniff, Hoverboards, Malibu, Scrunchies, Hula Hoops, Golden Girls.

Dinner x Design Sarah Ward Interiors Calgary.jpg

Completed June 2016, Temporary Installation, Calgary, Alberta