Home & Away is a place inspired by our love of the game, the community of sport, and the nostalgic glow of memory. We took details from the places where we strapped on our skates, tied up our sneakers, and took to the court: arenas and gymnasiums, field houses and rec centres. We started by creating an institutional backdrop for the space through the use of stacked red brick and cinderblock. The existing wood and metal joist ceiling was exposed and contributes to the utilitarian feel. Twenty foot wide garage doors were installed overlooking 17th Ave, so the energy of the space can spread to the street on a warm summer night.

Home & Away_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_1.jpg

To create the sense of fun and play, we took a bold and graphic approach to the use of colour in the space, as found in vintage sports emblems and uniforms. We utilized lighting with cage details inspired by a catchers mask and installed a reclaimed gymnasium floor from a community centre in the Calgary neighbourhood of Deer Run. The bar showcases a vintage time clock, surrounded by glossy wall tile featuring Calgary's signature red, trophy top beer taps, and a painted pipework bar front. To create textural detail we layered in lots of salvaged finds including 50 vintage skateboards, a set of wood stadium seats, and a display case full of sports equipment and ephemera.

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And to keep the team hydrated, you'll even find a water fountain at the end of the hall. 

Home & Away_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_3.jpg

Completed November 2015, Calgary, Alberta

Clients: PJ L'Heureux, Pete Emes, Mike Grimes, Graham Fuse, Sarmad Rizvi