Jeff Jamieson and Jesse Willis approached us with the ambition to create an intimate space, focusing on classic libations and gentility, but also desired a nod to the curious and bizarre. Together, we came up with a design that we termed ‘Proper Strange’. We took inspiration from the American South, home to sprawling plantations and bourbon distilleries, as well as the vibrant melting pot of New Orleans, fusing French, African, and American cultures. Greyed wood from the Smoky Mountains, shuttered doors, dirtworn walls, and raw steel are used as a base to create an aged and comfortable palette of materials while oxblood leather, vintage brass, and elegant wallpapering provide a level of polish to the space.

Proof Cocktail Bar_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_1.jpg

Sarah took our discussions about our desires for the space, and created a warm and unique environment which perfectly met our visual and functional design expectations. Proof stands as an example of what is possible with a limited budget and an exceptionally talented designer.

- Jeff Jamieson

Proof Cocktail Bar_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_2.jpg

Completed May 2015, Calgary, Alberta

Clients: Jeff Jamieson & Jesse Willis