The Nash reflects the classic Edwardian elegance of hotel hospitality. Providing a sociable welcome, the entrance lobby features a custom mosaic tile floor, a Victorian brass pendant light, and a gleaming stained glass partition wall. The dining room is bright and cordial, drawing you in with the rotisserie bar and open kitchen, where patrons can observe the kitchen team immersed in their craft. Utilizing historic materials like marble, oak, and brass in a fresh and modern way, the room is anchored by an overscale, hand drawn map of the Town of Calgary. Woven linen upholstery and reclaimed wood tables add to the casual textures of the room, while the elegant custom light fixtures add a touch of opulence. 

The Nash Restaurant_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_1.jpg
The Nash Restaurant_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_2.jpg

Offcut takes its cue from the darker side of The National Hotel’s past. At the turn of the century Atlantic Avenue was known as “Whiskey Row, a place where whiskey and women were always on tap.” Inspired by this history, SWI selected flooring made of fumed oak similar to those of authentic whiskey barrels, and framed mug shots of notorious prohibition era Calgarians. A black anaglypta ceiling treatment adds elegant drama to the room, combined with smokey blue tones, and caramel woods. A custom pewter bar top shimmers under the cut crystal accent pendants, with a shining liquor display. Custom bar tables were created from the salvaged radiators of the hotel, and reclaimed boxcar wood. The storage room beyond the space is outfit with a red light, as a nod to the brothels that were located nearby. It’s a space that elevates the hotel to modern taste and style while honouring its colourful heritage. 

Off Cut Bar_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_1.jpg
Off Cut Bar_Sarah Ward Interiors_Calgary Interior Design_2.jpg

Completed November 2014, Calgary, Alberta

Client: Legacy Restaurant Group